How To Make Your Own Cork Bath Mat

Did you know that wine corks are multi-functional? If you tend to hoard things like us, then you have also accumulated corks by the jars. Outside of being stoppers for open bottles, our wine corks are currently tucked them away in the corners of our homes and decorate our kitchen walls. To get our DIY senses tingling, we learned how [...]

Liz Marie Blog’s Three Year Jute Review

Searching for that new rug is a daunting task. For those of you buying a rug for the first time ever, we understand the struggles of trying to understand what it means by softness, durability and pile height of a rug. Earlier this year, the Liz Marie Blog shared her thoughts and feelings on Rugs USA’s Maui Chunky [...]

Week of 8.10.15: Rugs USA News


A lot has happened in the past few weeks since our last Rugs USA news update! On Wednesday, August 12th, tune into CBS’s The Talk to see Rugs USA on a home decor segment on Fall Home Essentials! CBS’s Daytime Emmy Award-nominated talk show THE TALK (broadcast weekdays 2:00–3:00 PM, ET; 1:00–2:00 PM, PT) features [...]

Chronicles of Home’s Screened Porch Makeover

Jen is the writer and founder of Chronicles of Home - a place where she documents her adventures updating her second home on a budget.  Earlier this year, Jen redecorated her screened porch and included Rugs USA’s Breeze NO1 Indoor Outdoor Rug! “Thank you so much for all of your kind words about my screened porch makeover that went live on Home [...]

How To Make A T-Shirt Rug

If you are a t-shirt junkie like us, then you have certainly amassed a large collection over the years.  Since we are also rug junkies, we recently learned how to make t-shirt shag rugs.  We love rugs, we love to save, and we love being crafty so it is the best of three worlds!  There are [...]

Bliss at Home’s Moroccan Diamond Shag Rug Review

Kristin is the writer and creator to Bliss at Home.  With her background in art and design, she founded this blog in 2012 to embrace her personal style, to look at her home from a fresh perspective, and to help others do what she seeks.  Earlier this year, Kristin reviewed our Moroccan Diamond Shag rug. Here’s what she had [...]

How To Design Your Own Rug

If you are a rug lover like we are, you know that rugs or just redecorating your home is expensive.  There are tons of options and retailers available that searching for that perfect new rug is a daunting task.  If you are feeling particularly crafty and not super excited about spending hundreds of dollars on a new rug, try this three-step trick to remake [...]

Ciburbanity’s Staircase Runner and DIY Stair Rods

Charlotte Smith is the writer and creator of Ciburbanity.  She originally developed this blog to document her thoughts on the urban to suburban transition and generally anything that crossed her diaper, craft and thrifty filled brain.  Recently, she wrote a DIY post on stair rods and Rugs USA’s Tuscan Trellis VS68 runners.  So crafty! “I’m SO excited [...]

More Fun Facts About Rugs

If Trivia Night is your thing, you know that the most complicated questions are often asked about the most random things. Since we have an unhealthy obsession with rugs, we decided to share some of our favorite rug fun facts! Bed bugs can live in rug fibers and in wood floorboards. They can also crawl [...]

City Farmhouse’s Rustic Chic Family Room

Jen from City Farmhouse is a mother, a wife, and a person trying to juggle life gracefully.  Last year, she updated her family room to include more rustic accents.  If you’re already thinking about updates for the fall, follow along for sparks of inspiration! “Hi friends! I am finally sharing some rustic chic updates in my family room as well [...]