The Origins of Soumak Rugs


Named after the town of Shemakja, where the Soumak rug was first woven, this flat-woven rug contains beautiful embroidery that will distinguish your house, and any room boasting one, from all of your friends’. For all of you history buffs out there, it can be fun to learn the back story of any proposed addition [...]

The History Of Your Southwestern Rug


Southwestern style rugs can be a great addition inside or outside your house, but do you know anything surrounding the origins of these rugs? What we consider southwestern style rugs were originally made by the Native Americans living in what is now the southwestern United States and Mexico. Here is a look at some of [...]

Origins Of Your Oriental Rug


Oriental rugs are some of the most beautiful floor coverings in the world, but did you know that true Oriental rugs are only hand knotted in Asia? They come from areas all over the continent, including Iran, India, Pakistan, China, and Tibet. While rug weaving may seem like a simple job, it has been perfected [...]

Transition Your Home To Summertime Without Breaking the Bank


The warm, cozy feel of earthen colors can be a great way to keep your house feeling homey during the winter months, but with the ever-rising temperatures that accompany the changing of the seasons, brown walls and dark shag rugs may seem less inviting. Changing your home décor to fit the season doesn’t require a [...]

How To Care For Your Hand Woven Rug

Hand-woven rug

Whether it be for your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, a hand woven rug will beautifully accent any room in your home. Hand woven rugs are versatile enough to fit into a wide spectrum of decorative schemes, from a simple ‘country living’ look, to a more modern theme. These rugs are an excellent way to [...]

How To Care for Your Shag Rug

Shag Rug

When you think of shag rugs, it might conjure up images of lava lamps and VW vans, but these rugs are back in a big way. An investment in a shag rug can be a classy, comfortable addition to any room in your house. Shag rugs feel great underfoot, and can last for years if [...]

How To Care for Your Machine Made Rug

Machine Made Rug

Machine made rugs are a great choice for adding the finishing touch to a room in your home. These rugs come in almost every color and pattern imaginable, and are a perfect way to spruce up a room. With proper care you can get years of use from your machine made rug. Here are some [...]

Brighten Your Backyard for Summer With An Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rug

You know how a house just doesn’t feel like a home until it’s got the curtains hung and the rugs set out? There’s just something about adding the colors, patterns, and textures of different fabrics and materials to a room that completes its look, and makes it feel comfortable. Well, the same goes for your [...]

How to Care for Your Hand-Loomed Rug


A hand-loomed rug can finish the look of any room in your house. These rugs feel great underfoot, and their durability makes them ideal for high traffic areas like family rooms and even kitchens. However, though these rugs are durable, you should still take precautions with them, and be sure to clean them regularly, as [...]

How To Care For Your Hand-Knotted Rug

Hand-Knotted Rug

A hand-knotted rug is a beautiful addition to nearly any room in your house. Made of wool, they are woven by hand, by weavers who can tie approximately 10,000 knots per day. Hand-knotted rugs are very durable with regular cleaning and attention. With proper care, one of these rugs will last many years, even becoming [...]