Five Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Living Room


The living room is easily one of the most lived-in and beloved spaces to a home. Looking at the same room everyday can leave you feeling little bored, dated, and uninspired. A complete room makeover can become expensive and you may not have the time. To help you out, we rounded up some easy decorating ideas to give your home a fresh [...]

Migonis Home’s Mini Stairway Makeover

Jen Migonis is a real estate agent, a mom, and a lifestyle blogger to Migonis Home. This blog is a creative outlet, a place to interact with adults, and a space for Jen to feel like Jen! A few months ago, Jen gave a stairway tour featuring our Natura Handspun Jute rug as part of her home makeover. [...]

Tips on Removing Six of the Most Common Stains

By definition, a stain is a discoloration that is clearly distinguished from the surface, material, or medium it is found upon. Receiving a stain is also one of the most frustrating accidents to occur. In an earlier post, we gave you tips on removing the toughest stains. When it comes to the most common stains, do [...]

Sengerson’s Rustic Baby Boy Nursery Reveal

Seng is a working mom, a family photographer, and a lifestyle blogger of Sengerson. She recently gave a room tour of her nursery featuring our Satara Edison Nickel for baby number three! “It’s time for the big nursery reveal! I’ve been holding off on posting this because its still NOT complete. But, I’ve come to conclusion that [...]

Why You Can’t Decorate Without Pinterest


Long ago, women collected scrapbooks of photos, magazine images, and fabric swatches for interior design ideas. These carefully curated idea books would grow over time to reflect the tastes and ideas of the creator until she had a firm idea of the look she wanted to achieve. Today, we have Pinterest. The newest social media [...]

How to Make Your Boy’s Room Super


One day your son believes he is a knight in a castle. The next day he’s flying to outer space on Apollo I. Every child’s dreams grow and change with him, but most boys go through the superhero stage. They are the supermen, with their sidekick the dog running off to fight their arch enemy [...]

Imagine You Decorate Like A Pro. Follow These 5 Steps To Get There


Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and instantly begin decorating like a professional? Are you sometimes overwhelmed by home decorating questions and feel like you don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone! Today we’ll share a few simple tips that will help you get started successfully. These are simple, easy changes [...]

How to Involve Your Teen in Redecorating Their Room


It seems like just yesterday you were decorating the nursery. Now your child is nearly grown and has outgrown the childhood bedroom. It’s time for redecorating. With some creativity and collaboration, this can be a fun and rewarding event for both of you. But before you start throwing things away and your teen begins taping [...]

Failures Make You Decorate Better Only If You Understand These 6 Things


  Far too many people live in homes that don’t reflect their design style or don’t feel truly comfortable. They fear investing time and money into decorating and improving projects because they might fail. Sound familiar? Savvy decorators know, however, that decorating disasters and furniture failures help a home to grow into its own. With [...]

6 Ways to Bring Spring Indoors


It’s spring again! You are likely anticipating the new season of fresh air, warm sun, and new life. Now is the time to start thinking about bringing that freshness indoors to reawaken your own home. There are several ways to bring the spring season into your home easily and inexpensively. Consider making these small changes [...]