2014 Home Décor Trends

Red Rug

With all these blizzards and ice storms the nation has been dealing with over the last few months, it’s no wonder that people from Washington to Maine, and from North Dakota to Texas, have turned to interior decorating to beat the winter blues. All that intense national interest has helped to solidify a few hot new trends for the year, and we’re your source for the latest.

White Walls

Home makeovers usually inspire a repaint of each room’s walls in bright new hues, but this year’s trend is to keep them white. Why? So that the color of any piece of furniture or area rug you introduce into the room pops against that blank canvas of a background. Try keeping the focus on one single element in the room, such as a couch or an area rug, by surrounding it with other elements in neutral tones. Or draw the eye dramatically to an entire seating area by making its every piece match in color.

Raw Materials

Furniture, area rugs, and accent pieces made from natural materials are trendy this year – but the hottest elements are those that accentuate their origins in nature with a rough, unfinished look. The more hand-crafted they look, the better. From rough hewn, unstained wood furniture to braided area rugs made of natural fibers, these pieces bring a little bit of the outdoors inside when it’s too cold to venture out yourself. This natural jute rug, for example, is just the thing to warm up a cold room:

Raw Rug

Geometric Shapes

Bold geometric shapes are big this year, too, from tables made of stacks of triangles to rounded, almost spherical chairs. Cones and cubes as accent pieces add to the modern feel, and an area rug with an equally bold geometric pattern completes the look.

geometric rug

You can also soften the sharp edges of geometric furniture and add warmth with a plush shag rug, or a luxurious Flokati rug.

Ethnic Elements

The word “ethnic” is being used this year to describe any piece that proudly reflects the style of cultures other than mainstream American. Everyone wants touches of the rich cultural heritage these elements stem from in their home, from African carvings and sculptures to area rugs woven with Southwestern designs.

Southwestern RugIncorporating ethnic themes into a room gives it a sense of added warmth and solidity, as though all the centuries of cultural traditions were wrapped up in each piece.

Flowers and Letters

Flowers and letters are being used as design elements everywhere you look this year, from couches to curtains, and from wall décor to area rugs. But these aren’t your mother’s flowers and letters. Stylized, modern blossoms, and bold, impactful fonts dominate the look. Whether you’re spelling out an inspirational quote on your wall, or monogramming your couch pillows, letters hold a whimsical fascination as a decorative element. And flowers always work to freshen up a space, especially the simple, modern renderings of blooms and vines so popular this year – and especially when the weather outside is decidedly un-springlike.

So which of these design elements have you used in your own home? Share your home decorating secrets with us in the comments section below!