A New Rug For A New Life

New Life

What type of bride are you?

Regardless of whether you’re married or not, everyone has their own signature bridal style. Maybe you put together the wedding of your dreams years ago, and still get a thrill from flipping through those photo albums.  Or maybe your wedding is yet to come – but you’ve been planning it since you were a little girl.

Are you a classic bride, with a fairy tale dress and romantic décor? Or a modern bride, stylish in a sleek dress and surrounded by everything chic at your wedding? Maybe you’re a lover of the outdoors, whether that means a small ceremony on a windswept beach or a huge homemade family celebration in your childhood backyard?

Whatever type of bride you are, planning your wedding is always an exciting adventure – one that some women love so much that wedding planning becomes one of their passions for life.

That’s the case with Sarah Darcy, the blogger behind Classic Bride.

Sarah is still in love with all things polished, preppy, and bridal, and indulges her passion by writing a daily blog about how to tastefully incorporate antiques into weddings to create a sophisticated, timeless style.

Some of her blogs branch out into other topics, however, such as her years spent antiquing at European markets, or ideas for decorating a newlywed nest.

And decorating a newly married couple’s new home is just the sort of topic that we here at Rugs USA love to dish about, too. So imagine our excitement when we saw that Sarah was raving about our rugs on her blog! 

Looking for a dining room rug for her new home, Sarah turned to Rugs USA to find the perfect fit. And it looks like she found it in our Marquis Chevron Cola Rug.

Chevron Rug

Here’s what she had to say about this rug: “I immediately loved the classic herringbone design – it reminded me of the wooden floors in many of the French b&b’s J&I stayed in over the past few years which made me smile. And then, upon reading the specs, I realized that this pretty rug was made of patchwork cowhide. Swooooon.”

“I loved that it was a natural rug and that the many different shades of hide would lend a depth and richness {and hide stains, holla!} which couldn’t be achieved with other fabrics. My mind was made and I placed my order. Soon after, this beauty arrived at our door. Isn’t she sooo pretty??? I love that the smoky colors lend a masculine feel but the delicate herringbone design softens it up. I ordered the 7’6″ x 9’6″ size and it fits our table set perfectly.”


“The rug was hand-made in India and is 100% cowhide. Some of the patches of cowhide are really long and soft and furry while others are shorter and more coarse – it adds such depth and interest. The stitching is gorgeously flawless. I couldn’t be happier with our new dining room rug and I think it would work equally well in our living room if I ever decide to switch things up. Great quality, price + service – I’m impressed!”

Well, we’re impressed, too, Sarah, by your sense of classic style and the hard work and dedication you devote to your blog. We’re thrilled that our rug fits your space so perfectly, and look forward to reading more about your own bridal style – as you put it yourself, polished, but never fussy.

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