A Whole New World: Rugs USA Now Ships Internationally

International Shipping

OK, people, we need a show of hands here. How many of you have seen Disney’s Aladdin?

Good. Now, how many of you were actually obsessed with Aladdin  when you were younger? As in, so obsessed that you can still, to this day, recite all the lines in the entire movie with the exact same intonation as the characters, and sing all the songs, and probably still have your Aladdin bedsheets and Princess Jasmine costume somewhere in the attic?

We’re not admitting anything here, but some of us might – just might, mind you – have been just a little obsessed with Aladdin  ourselves. After all, we did end up working for a rug company. How else can you reconcile a childhood obsession with magical flying carpets with your adult life?

Also, we might have clandestinely incorporated that obsession into some of our area rug designs. (See, all it still needs are the tassels!)

Aladdin's Carpet

Just sayin’.

Anyway, what’s the best, most romantic part of the whole movie? Why, it’s the part when Aladdin – well, Prince Ali, if you want to get technical – takes Jasmine for a magic carpet ride out of Agrabah, through Egypt and Greece and into China, and they sing their duet, A Whole New World.

Sigh. Doesn’t it give you goosebumps just thinking about it? So. Stinkin’. Romantic.

Well, now we’re embarking on our own international rug-powered adventure here at Rugs USA. It may not be quite as romantic as Aladdin’s, but at least we won’t be distracting any poor Egyptian craftsmen along the way and causing major sculpting mishaps.

We are excited to announce that Rugs USA now ships internationally!

We’re thrilled to welcome our new international customers, whether you’re from Agrabah or anywhere else a magic carpet can fly.

Now that our rugs are travelling the globe, we can offer our legendary quality and affordable prices all over the world. Amazon may be cool and cutting-edge with their delivery drones, but we here at Rugs USA like kickin’ it old-school, delivering real, honest-to-goodness flying carpets to international customers on demand. (Aw, c’mon, humor us. They do have to fly in airplanes to get where they’re going, you know! Plus, you know we love Amazon. Doesn’t everyone?)

So, welcome, international visitors. We can’t wait for you to browse through our huge selection of unique area rugs and join the ranks of our satisfied customers. Whether you’re looking for contemporary rugs, traditional rugs, shag rugs, or kids’ rugs, outdoor rugs or even animal print rugs, rugs made of natural fibers or braided rugs – Rugs USA is your one-stop shop.

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For a whole new world of home décor ideas, you ain’t never had a friend like Rugs USA.