Be Bold: A Home Decorating Challenge

Be Bold

Have you ever wanted to make a big change to your home décor – as in, major, huge, even drastic – but then chickened out because it just seemed too  extreme? Ever been struck by inspiration after seeing a creatively decorated room in a magazine or on TV, but then talked yourself out of it because it was too risky?

Well, now’s the perfect time to let go of those inhibitions and let your inner rock star decorator shine!

Why? Because, as a popular home decorating blogger recently put it, “It is easy  to make sure you never, ever fail at anything. But when you do that, you miss out on pretty much everything great.”

That blogger, Carrie of Lovely Etc., has thrown down the gauntlet, and issued a challenge to anyone and everyone who has ever dreamed big but been too timid to put their ideas into action.

She’s created the Be Bold Challenge, and invited ten other home decorating bloggers to take part. Here’s how she describes the project: “I think a bit more daring and risk-taking is good for everyone and that is why the Be Bold Challenge began. The challenge is to do a DIY project that is a bit of a risk. Perhaps using a new power tool you’ve been afraid of, trying a color you usually avoid, doing something you’ve never seen anyone else do, or just trying something you’re not entirely sure will work.”

Eager to try something new, one of those ten bloggers, Cassie of Primitive & Proper, has embraced the challenge wholeheartedly – and we were there to help!

Cassie decided to make over her living room, repainting her brick fireplace a dramatic black, and adding some bold metallic and black touches all over the room. It wasn’t particularly expensive, or even all that difficult – but it was a drastic change from the light grays and pastel blues that had dominated the room before.

To help Cassie in her DIY decorating efforts, we here at Rugs USA provided the perfect area rug to fit her new, bold décor: our Serendipity Devour Cowhide White Rug.

Cowhide rug

See how great it looks in Cassie’s new room? The metallic spots really set off the metallic touches all around her living room, and its irregular shape is just the thing to liven up the sitting space in front of the fireplace.

Cassie loved, it too. Here’s what she had to say about it: “This rug is MAGICAL!  It blends my love of rustic, natural, and glittery all in one with its silvered flecks and white/light hide. I love the look of it paired with the black coffee table, and mixed metallics of the space. You can see it playing off of the light coming into the room…. SWOON! I absolutely love it!  I could not have found a more perfect rug for this space!”

We’re glad you like it, Cassie, and we were glad to help you out with your bold makeover. We hope that Cassie’s new room inspires others to try their hand at some new, bold decorating challenge they’ve been dreaming of, as well, because – as you can see from her great results – when you take a chance, you can accomplish amazing things.