DIY To Die For

Moroccan Rug

We just love home décor DIYers here at Rugs USA. So much so, in fact, that we often help them out with their plans to spruce up a room or make over a space. There’s just something about their unique blend of artistic vision, willingness to experiment, dedication to making their home a comfortable, beautiful, welcoming place, and that good old-fashioned American do-it-yourself spirit that gets us all excited. We could read DIY decorating blogs all day long. (And shhh, don’t tell, but….sometimes we do!)

Take Kristin of Bliss at Home, for example. She inspired us with her plans to make her basement over into a home office. And we just knew, from her previous projects, that this was gonna be good.

After transforming her bedroom from an already lovely before to a Martha Stewart-worthy after, her entryway from average to stunning, and her living room from beautiful to House Beautiful, that basement doesn’t have a chance – it’s going to end up gorgeous whether it wants to or not!

Kristin has good reason to take on all these projects – her home is actually the house she grew up in, a cozy, nostalgic 1950s brick home. After years of trying to choose whether to move to a new home, or stay and make that one their own, she and her husband decided to stay – and we’re sure glad they did, because now we get to reap the benefits of reading her home decorating blog!

So what do her basement makeover plans entail? Nothing short of a complete overhaul, from empty room with bare rafters to a spacious three-part workspace, complete with an office desk area, a table and storage for crafting projects, and a kitchenette.

We were so inspired by her new project that we just had to get in on it – so we sent her the perfect area rug to fit her new workspace – our Moroccan Diamond Shag Rug.

Diamond Rug

This area rug is one of our faves, and apparently, Kristin liked it, too! Rather than waiting till her office project was complete to start enjoying it, she tried it out in her living room – and promptly fell in love with the results.

Her review? Glowing. “I love the look of Moroccan shag rugs. They are so plush and beautiful. I wanted something plush for my office space since it is in the basement and it is cooler down there. I love using rugs to anchor and define a space. My son is a big fan of this new rug too. Everyone in the fam has been walking on it barefoot because it is so comfy on the footsies!”

“I love the larger pattern too. It is a nice way to bring in some pattern without being too over-powering. A lot of Moroccan shag rugs are wool but this one is 100% Polypropylene. So it is ideal if you have kids and pets. Easy to clean and vacuum. Our dog has spent many hours just laying and rolling on it. I think I am pretty sold on the fact that I may have to look for something else for the office now. I would highly recommend ordering from Rugs USA, you guys! They have a great selection and fantastic prices and sales. We are very happy with our new rug!”

Well, we are very happy that you like it so much, Kristin – and by the way, we agree – it looks amazing in your living room!!

If you’d like to see our Moroccan shag rug in Kristin’s living room, or watch as her basement transformation unfolds, check out her blog at Bliss At Home. We’ll be following the action, too. See you there!

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