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There’s just something extra satisfying about decorating your home on a budget, isn’t there? When you get a great deal on a gorgeous new piece of furniture or find the perfect curtains on sale, it’s a thrill, plain and simple.

We love frugal shopping tips as much as anyone, so we just adore Miss Frugal Mommy’s blog. And when we found out this mommy blogger needed a new area rug to make her wood floors cozier for little toes, we were happy to lend a helping hand.

Miss Frugal Mommy chose our Rugs USA Venice Shaggy Curves Cream Rug, a fine decision, if we do say so ourselves:Rug This was her dilemma: “Our family recently moved into beautiful new home that contained all wood floors in the main living area. This was quite an adjustment for all of us, as we had spent the last four years living in a home with wall to wall carpeting. As gorgeous as wood floors can be, they just don’t provide the cozy home feeling that I was going for. No matter how many ways I rearrange furniture or added decor, the living room just seemed to be lacking a comforting atmosphere for our family. I decided that the only way we could take this plain room and turn it into a room that our family could comfortably relax together in, we would have to add a rug.”

Rugs USA to the rescue! When Miss Frugal Mommy called us for help, we did what we do best: “Having no prior experience with shopping for area rugs, I was delighted to have an employee from Rugs USA provide me with very useful advice.” After helping her decide on the ideal rug size for her living room, she chose our gorgeous Venice Shaggy Curves Rug.

And what did she think of it when it arrived? Here’s her review:

“This rug is so incredibly bright, vibrant and classy, all at the same time. I am in love with the design and the shades of the rug, it could fit in practically any room.  I am so ecstatic and delighted by how much a rug has brought our living room to life. This is now a room where everyone loves to be and we actually prefer sitting on this extremely soft carpet over the couch!”

“This rug also provides hours of entertainment for a three year old that loves playing with matchbox cars. My son was very impressed that we now have a rug that includes race car tracks on it. How adorable is that? We have had this rug for close to a month and even having it in a room where our family is in the majority of the time, the rug still looks fantastic! This rug was very well made and has not lost any of its integrity over time.”

“Each and every one of us is so in love with this rug and we have a family sleepover almost once a week because the kids love sleeping on it so much! I can not express enough how impressed I am with Rugs USA and how much information they provided me with in order to give me the look I was striving for. If you are looking to give a room in your house a brand new look, I highly suggest you check out Rugs USA and add one of their beautiful rugs to your room.”

We appreciate those kind words, Miss Frugal Mommy, and we would also like to make a suggestion to our readers – check out Miss Frugal Mommy’s blog for the before and after shots of her living room, as well as some pretty darn cute photos of her 3-year-old enjoying the race tracks!