Hippie Couture Makes a Comeback in 2014

Hippie Couture

OK, we admit it. We may not have been in on the hippie revolution the first time around, but we’re making up for lost time now. There’s just something about those long, flowing dresses and earthy, hand-made crafts that we love. The hippie look is so romantic, so laid-back, so…groovy.

And it looks like we’re not the only ones who think so. That flower child, earth mama look is back in a big way this year. From those luscious 70s headbands to necklaces and bracelets just dripping with beads, fashionistas around the country are stepping out in hippie haute couture.

But they’re not just accessorizing their wardrobes with 70s styles. Homes are getting a Bohemian makeover, too. Macramé wall hangings and chunky, hand-thrown ceramics are popping up in living rooms all over. Earth tones and natural materials are all the rage. And we’re loving every second of it.

If you want to give your home a hippie couture makeover for a new look in the new year, we’ve got you covered. The best way to incorporate that 70s look into your home is to merge it with your personal style, to create a unique vibe that’s all you. We’ve tossed together some design ideas for different decorating personalities, to help you make your house the perfect place to let peace and love reign supreme.

The Green-Living, Sustainability-Focused Boho Chick

You’re doing your part for Mother Earth, and taking full advantage of her bounty. For you, it’s not a question of whether or not to recycle, but whether to repurpose those old materials by using them in your latest Etsy project, or working them into your backyard vegetable garden design. Your home reflects your passion for nature and crafting, brimming with handmade décor and warm, cozy earth tones.

You don’t have far to go – just a splash of hippie style should be enough to do the trick. Add a few 70s-specific crafts, like long strands of beads adorning doorways or lamps, or knotted macramé plant hangers, and maybe a new area rug to cement the look. The perfect area rug to complement your style would be one made of natural fibers, like jute.

Whether you opt for a jute rug with colors to match your décor, like our Maui Ikat Printed Jute Natural Rug,

Jute Rug

or just let the natural beauty of the materials shine through, as they do in our Natura Handspun Jute Natural Rug,


the natural look is the key to finding your hippie style.

The Dreamy, Wind-Swept, Romantic Flower Child

You’re in love with the beauty and peace of nature, and would feel right at home twirling till you fall in a field of wildflowers. Tucking flowers behind your ear and dancing barefoot in your long, breezy dress, you want your living space to be just as bright and airy as the sunshine-filled world outside.

To give your home that hippie touch, focus on those flowers. Put 70s-inspired vases filled with wildflowers in conspicuous places. Try hippie-style woven wall hangings or paintings of your favorite blossoms. And once you’ve surrounded yourself with flowers, add an authentic 70s shag rug to the mix, like our Venice Shaggy Thyme Rug, to give your bare feet somewhere soft to land as you twirl.

Shag Rug

Whatever your home decorating personality, it’s easy to freshen your home’s look for the new year by adding just a few touches of hippie style, and the perfect area rug from Rugs USA.