How To Care for Your Hand-Tufted Rug

Hand-Tufted Rug

Hand-tufted rugs can make gorgeous additions to any room in your house. These rugs are not as expensive or time consuming to make as hand-knotted rugs; they are made with loops of wool that are then sheared to create the pile of the rug. With proper rug care, you can enjoy your hand-tufted rug for years to come.

General Care

As with any rug, make sure you have a rug pad on the floor underneath your hand-tufted rug. This is important, as it prevents the rug from sliding, protects it from excessive wear and tear, and actually makes the rug more comfortable to walk on. If you are asking yourself whether or not you need a rug pad, the answer is yes.

To avoid discoloration from sunlight, and to maintain even wear on your carpet, consider rotating it every six months. This is especially important if part of the rug extends into a high traffic area. Rotating your rug also protects against moths, and keeps deep furniture indentations from forming. If your rug develops loose ends, don’t pull them, but instead, snip them with scissors for removal.

All rugs will develop some fading over time. The most effective way to slow this process is to keep your rug out of direct sunlight, and to avoid exposing it to moisture or smoke.

Cleaning Tips

New wool rugs can shed fibers for up to three months, so it is important to vacuum your hand-tufted rug regularly. Don’t worry when you see it shedding – this is a completely natural, normal occurrence for the first few months you have your rug. When vacuuming, be sure that your vacuum is not set too low, as this can pull up more fibers from the rug. Also, avoid the fringes of the rug, as a vacuum can also pull on these and damage them.

If you do happen to spill something on your rug, try to clean it up immediately. The longer the stain stays on your rug, the harder it will be to remove. As with a spill on any type of rug, do not rub it in. Blot the spill with paper towels or some other type of absorbent material. Continue this until all of the excess moisture is gone from the area. Even when you think you are done, keep at it a little longer. Then take a damp paper towel and continue to blot at the area to dilute any residual moisture from the spill. Repeat the process with a dry paper towel.

If the stain is still visible after that, you should call a professional cleaner. Even if you are lucky enough to avoid stains, rugs should generally be professionally cleaned every one to two years, depending on how much use they get.

Hand-tufted rugs can be an excellent, low cost alternative to more expensive hand-woven rugs. With the right care and cleaning, one of these rugs can spruce up almost any room in your house. Contact us today for more information about what style of rug is right for your home.