How To Choose The Right Area Rug For Every Stage Of Childhood, Part 2

Kids on RugIt’s common sense that a newborn’s bedroom rug should probably be different from a 10-year-old’s. Each new age and stage of your child’s development brings with it different adventures and different needs.

In Part 1 of our guide to choosing the right area rug for your child’s bedroom, we discussed how to pick a rug for your infant’s nursery, for your toddler’s bedroom, and for your young child’s room. Today, we move on to older children’s preferences.

Late Childhood

Once your child has passed through early childhood, it’s time for an area rug that demonstrates that extra maturity. This is the age when children begin to develop deep interests, so why not encourage your budding scientist or artist with the right area rug to complement their big dreams?

Show your child that you fully support their passions and interests by surrounding them with items that inspire and the tools to help them explore and learn more every day. Our Fun Rugs Funtime Supreme World Map Blue Rug is perfect for young geography buffs, for example:World Map RugThe Tween Years

With the onset of the tween years, that sense of individuality really starts to shine. Tweens want to be cool and mature, but we don’t want them growing up too quickly! That’s why this age is ideal for a fun bedroom makeover that allows your tween the freedom to make their room fit their personal sense of style, while still giving them a bright, inviting place to just be a kid.

A neon pink Flokati rug might be just the thing for girls at a slumber party to giggle together on, as they ooh and aah over the latest boy band…Pink Flokati…and a rug designed to look like a football court could keep a group of young guys happily occupied for hours.    Football RugThe key is to let your tween be a part of the decision-making process, so that he or she feels that the room truly reflects their personal style or interests.

The Teen Years

Once your child hits their teens, they’ll want to distance themselves from the bedroom of their childhood, and redesign their room in a style that showcases their personality in a more mature way.

Girls may go for fashion statements, making sure every aspect of their room is on trend and ready to show off to friends. Or they may create their own personal trends, priding themselves on their individual sense of style. Rugs like our Rugs USA Keno Floral Symphony Black Rug are feminine and trendy, and definitely not cookie-cutter:

Teen RugGuys at this age will want to make sure their rooms are masculine and mature, without the bright, loud colors that hearken back to childhood. Think man cave, with muted, earthen colors and tough materials. A black leather shag rug might be just the thing to jazz up a teenaged guy’s room:Teen RugEvery age and stage of your child’s development is exciting – both for you and for your child! Why not celebrate your child’s growth by choosing a new area rug for each new season in their life? They’ll have fun with their new décor, and you’ll have just as much fun picking out just the right match to fit your child’s one-of-a-kind personality.