How To Choose the Right Rug to Fit Your Decorating Style

Right Rug

When it comes to decorating, everyone has a different style. It can be tricky to find just the right rug to fit your unique style of home décor. Luckily, we’re here to help! Whether your dilemma is what size rug to choose for your particular furniture layout, which materials will work best in which room, or which colors and designs will best complement your existing decor, read on to get the scoop on how to choose the very best rug for your personal sense of style.

Choosing According To Your Floor Plan

You can choose a rug depending upon the arrangement of the furniture in your dining hall, living room or bedroom. First, you need to identify the kind of layout you have in your room so that you can buy an appropriately sized rug.

Following are four of the most popular layouts found in most homes –

Classic Layout

In this layout, your chairs and sofa are set up against the wall, so this means that your rug should be large enough to fit underneath the front legs of all your furniture pieces.

Dining Layout

If you want a rug for your dining room, then go ahead and measure the width and length of your dining table. Add two feet on each side and that’s the size of the rug you require.

Bedroom Layout

As a rule of thumb, the rug in your bedroom should extend from beneath 2/3rds of the bed.

Floating Layout

If your furniture is in the middle of your room, buy a rug large enough to fit under all 4 legs of your chairs and sofa.


Choosing According To The Material

The rug material you choose depends upon the kind of foot traffic you receive. Hallways, for example, which receive higher foot traffic than the bedroom, require more durable rugs.


Natural rugs are extremely durable; they are woven from fibres which are extracted directly from plants like jute, hemp, seagrass and coir. They are largely available in a neutral color palette and are affordably priced.

Kilims and Dhurries

These are flat-woven cotton and wool rugs (respectively) which are famous for their bright colors, gorgeous patterns and low maintenance. They are usually reversible and very durable in nature.


In tufting, yarn is inserted through a woven base in order to create a pile. This is how they achieve their famous precise patterns. These rugs are best for medium to low-traffic areas.

Distressed Rugs

Distressed rugs undergo special treatments to achieve their unique finish. Their textures and colors eventually soften, leaving behind a vintage look which is best for moderate to little foot traffic.


Choosing According To Designs And Colors

The color and pattern of your furniture and décor play a major role in the kind of rug you purchase for your home. You can either try color-coordinating the rugs and furniture, or you can mix ‘n match things a little.


A neutral rug actually works best for a lot of colors, because it provides a solid foundation if you are in the mood to experiment with rich textures, colors or patterns in the rest of your room.

Playful Patterns

If the furniture in your house is of solid colors, try placing a patterned rug beneath it. Or, you can buy a rug of the same secondary color present on key pieces of your furniture.

Solid Colors

A monochromatic rug is best suited for patterned furniture, because it grounds the furniture in a primary palette.


Now that you’ve got the basics, take a look through our wide selection of area rugs! There’s something there to fit every style.