How To Choose the Right Size Area Rug For Your Space

Rug Size

So, you’ve chosen the perfect area rug for your space! The colors match your décor, you’re in love with the design, and you just can’t wait to walk on it in your bare feet.

Now the only question is, what size should you choose?

Choosing the right rug size to fit your space can be more complicated than it seems. You’ll want to ensure that it’s big enough to fit correctly underneath and around any furniture you plan to place on it – but not so big that it looks awkward near the walls of your room.

One of our favorite DIY decorating bloggers, Miss Frugal Mommy, recently blogged about her experience in getting a new Rugs USA rug for her living room. As she was unsure about which size to choose, she gave us a call, and we helped her figure it out. Here’s what she had to say:

“Having no prior experience with shopping for area rugs, I was delighted to have an employee from Rugs USA provide me with very useful advice. The first step was choosing the size rug I wanted for the living room, which meant I needed to decide on the placement of the rug. I decided that since we had an open setup in our living room (and the back of the couch was exposed) it would look more appealing if the couch was completely over the rug. Taking into account the measurement of the couch, I then measured the area in front of our couch. I wanted to make sure that I still had plenty of rug area in front of the couch and ultimately an 8×10 was going to provide that.”

“The Rugs USA Venice Shaggy Curves Cream Rug has given us enough room to place the couch on top of it, tons of rug left over in front of the couch, while still having space to place end tables on each side of the couch. Not only does this rug size work for us, but the style of it has just brought the room to life. I can not express enough how impressed I am with Rugs USA and how much information they provided me with in order to give me the look I was striving for.”

So what size rug will work best in your space? Do what Miss Frugal Mommy did, and decide first on placement. Where exactly do you want the rug to be in the room? Will there be furniture on or around it? Will it be up against a wall, or somewhere towards the middle of the room?

Secondly, measure the area you’d like the rug to cover. Do you want it centered in the room? Off to one side? Creating a sitting area? Extending in front of a couch? Be sure to measure the entire area you want covered, even the part that will be under furniture.

Once you have those measurements, it’s simply a matter of matching them to the right size rug. Whether it’s 5 x 8, 8 x 10, 9 x 12, or anything in between, choosing the right size rug to fit your space makes all the difference.

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