Everything You Need To Know About Rug Fringe

Rug fringe

Let’s begin with the basics. What is a rug fringe? Simply put, a fringe is a strand of fiber which woollen or silk piles are knotted and twisted into, and finally tied around the edges of a rug for aesthetic purposes. It is merely a by-product of the weaving process and has little to add [...]

How To Clean Your Doormat


Let’s be honest. When we think of germs in our home, the most common images that pop up in our minds are those of dirty areas inside our homes. But what about that one place which attracts a huge amount of germs and dirt but is ignored because it’s not actually ‘inside’ our homes? Our [...]

How To Store Your Rug Properly

Rug Storage

Want to store your rug away for a couple of months, but don’t know how best to do it, in order to keep your rug safe? It doesn’t matter if you’re a new rug owner or an experienced one, these tips will help you store your rugs in the most rug-appropriate fashion possible. Step 1: [...]

Interesting Info About Natural Rug Dyes

Rug Dye

Natural rug dyes have been in use ever since the very beginnings of rug and carpet making. Middle Eastern rug makers, especially, have been known to use natural dyes for thousands of years. The most commonly used natural dyes are indigo (which is obtained from the leaves of the indigo plant), rust-red (produced by boiling the dried and ground [...]

Fun Facts About Rugs

Fun Facts

Sure, it’s important to know how to care for your rugs, and interesting to find out about the history behind your favorite floor coverings. But sometimes, you have an inexplicable need for some random rug trivia. Time for a few fun facts about rugs – The highest amount ever paid for a carpet was the [...]

The Origins of the Flying Carpet Myth

Flying Carpet

Flying carpets became a part of popular modern culture thanks to Disney’s Aladdin, but not many know that the origins of this myth date back as far as the ninth century (yes, they’re older than Turkish rugs.) Existing manuscripts of One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Arabic folklore narrated by Queen Scheherazade to [...]

High Pile vs. Low Pile: Which Rugs Fit Your Lifestyle?

Rug Pile

In rug terminology, pile refers to the density of the fibers used to create a rug’s weave. The thickness of the rug and the length of the fibers in the weave combined determine the pile of a rug, which varies from one rug design to another, ranging from an outright flat pile to a long, [...]

How To Choose the Right Rug to Fit Your Decorating Style

Right Rug

When it comes to decorating, everyone has a different style. It can be tricky to find just the right rug to fit your unique style of home décor. Luckily, we’re here to help! Whether your dilemma is what size rug to choose for your particular furniture layout, which materials will work best in which room, [...]

The History Of Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs

The history of Turkish rugs is as long and colorful as the rugs themselves. These beautiful handmade rugs have been around for ages, dating back to the days of the 11th and 12th centuries. From humble beginnings as mats for tribal tents, to becoming decorations for palaces and mosques, these rugs have always been hand-woven [...]

The History Of Chinese Rugs

Chinese Rug

The term “Oriental rug” encompasses many of the different kinds of rugs that have been produced by cultures all over Asia, but this doesn’t mean that they are all the same. The Chinese were one of the first known cultures to engage in rug and carpet making on any level, and because they were mostly [...]