Pirates and Princesses: Decorating Children’s Bedrooms Around a Theme

themed bedroom

Alright, moms, be honest now.  Do you live  to decorate? Does each change in season require a total home makeover? Are you addicted to flipping through home decorating magazines, or viewing slideshow after slideshow of home décor ideas online? Have you ever watched HGTV for eight hours straight?

Then boy oh boy, do we ever have an idea for you!

Any new idea’s a good reason to tweak your décor, but for major room redesigns, you usually need a solid plan in place. And we’ve got just the plan to set your heart beating a mile a minute: redecorating your kiddos’ bedrooms around a theme.

Admit it – your pulse just quickened! We understand – we’re decorating junkies, too. Coming up with a master design plan…picking out paint colors…maybe even looking into a mural or some equally extravagant wall décor…it’s all such a rush.  And then the thrill of the hunt begins – shopping for the perfect furniture, the perfect accent pieces, the perfect area rugs… We’re getting ourselves all worked up just thinking about it!

The first question is, of course, which theme to choose. Whether your kids are into astronauts or animals, ballerinas or bears, the sky’s the limit when it comes to bedroom themes. We put together a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing – and had a blast doing it!

Fairy Tale Princess

We actually kinda wanted this room for ourselves, once we’d thought about all the possibilities. Picture a room draped with dreamy tulle – preferably pink or lilac, of course. Tulle framing the windows, tulle in a canopy over the bed… You could even make a jeweled crown to hold it up, like this lucky dog’s got:

princess room

(Image: Vidalia_11/Flickr.com)

Of course, little fairy tale touches would have to be everywhere – how about an electric candelabra lamp standing bedside, so your little princess can read magical tales of adventure after dark? Or a dresser that looks like a castle? Or maybe even a vanity table where Her Majesty can sit to comb her hair? And no fairy tale princess room would be complete without a luxuriously soft area rug for those little royal bare feet – like The Rug Market Kids Shaggy Raggy Lavender Rug:

lavender rugPirate Treasure

Is your little one a swashbuckling adventurer who longs to sail the seven seas? You can create a shipshape room for him by hoisting some sails above his bed – or is that really a boat?

pirate room

(Image: merfam/flickr.com)

Hang some weathered old treasure maps on the walls, and maybe a wooden sword or two. A ship’s wheel can serve as a table top with a circle of glass on top, and you can prop an anchor conveniently against the wall, for those sudden stops. And don’t forget a piratical area rug to complete the look, like our Fun Rugs Olive Pirate Ship Blue Rug:

 Pirate Rug

So if you’re dreaming of new and exciting decorating projects to take on, and your little princess or pirate is longing for a room to accompany their wildest dreams, give a themed bedroom a try. You may just awaken a love of home decorating in your children, as well, and oh, wouldn’t that be fun!