Refresh Your Home For Spring With 4 Hot New Trends


It’s finally here! Spring has officially sprung! April has arrived, with its daffodils and tulips, its bursts of vibrant color and fresh, sweet scents, and its bright blue skies and sunny, warm days.

And with the arrival of the new season, we can finally open our windows again to let in the gentle spring breezes, and clear away the last traces of winter from our homes. It’s time for some spring cleaning—and just maybe, some spring redecorating, too!

If you’re looking to freshen up your home to welcome the coming of spring, especially after suffering through that Little House on the Prairie-esque winter, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the hottest new spring trends for you.

Natural Textures    

Maybe it’s because we’re all so sick of seeing everything covered in a featureless blanket of snow, but incorporating items with natural textures into a home’s décor is all the rage this spring. From rough wood to thick papyrus, anything that makes you want to reach out and touch it is in high demand right now. Textured accent pieces add an element of character and even surprise to a space.

An unusually textured rug like our Rugs USA Marquis Vortex Cowhide Black Rug would make the perfect complement to a room enlivened by a few other textured pieces:

Textured Rug

Each circle retains the naturally soft, furry texture of cowhide, and just begs to be touched.

The Blues

Nope, we don’t mean the type you sing—the color blue in all its shades and hues is back in a big way this spring. From vibrant, bright blues to soft, pastel blue-grays, this calming color is everywhere. Decorate an entire room around your chosen shade, or just add a few blue accent pieces—either way, the color will work its magic on your winter-fatigued soul.

Choosing a new rug is an easy way to add a large splash of blue to any room. Our Rugs USA Homespun Chevron Navy Blue Rug would do the trick quite nicely, don’t you think?

Blue Rug


Yes, this ultra-feminine fabric is popping up all over this spring. From delicate lace curtains that let in the sunshine, to simple lace tablecloths that instantly dress up a room, when used sparingly, lace adds a touch of class to any space.

If you’re not so sure about using actual lace in your home, why not embrace the spirit of the trend in your own way, by adding a lace-patterned rug? Our Capel Lace Cream Rug gives you all the elegance of lace in an intriguingly different form:

Lace Rug


Floral designs are in high demand this spring, and the bigger and bolder, the better! After last winter, who can blame us for craving a little flower power? Everything from throw pillows to wall art is coming up roses…and tulips…and chrysanthemums.

The great thing about florals is that they can be incorporated into any style of room. Got a traditionally decorated room? Florals were made for that space. Have a room with a more modern feel? The selection of contemporary floral designs is staggering.

Our Rugs USA Terrace Floral Indoor Outdoor Blue Rug would make the perfect addition to any room needing a little oomph in the flower power department:

Floral Rug

So take some time out from your spring cleaning to consider which of these new trends you might want to experiment with this season. Happy Spring!