Frugal Home Fashion

Frugal Fashion

There’s just something extra satisfying about decorating your home on a budget, isn’t there? When you get a great deal on a gorgeous new piece of furniture or find the perfect curtains on sale, it’s a thrill, plain and simple. We love frugal shopping tips as much as anyone, so we just adore Miss Frugal [...]

That Vintage Look


Who doesn’t love the look of antiques? That vintage style gives pieces a feel of history, of solidity, of character. But sometimes what you want is a piece with the look of an antique, without all the hassle that goes along with the upkeep of such a delicate, timeworn item. Enter faux-antique pieces. Not only [...]

A New Rug For A New Life

New Life

What type of bride are you? Regardless of whether you’re married or not, everyone has their own signature bridal style. Maybe you put together the wedding of your dreams years ago, and still get a thrill from flipping through those photo albums.  Or maybe your wedding is yet to come – but you’ve been planning [...]