Rustic Glam Living Room + New Rug


  Horse print is from HomeGoods Let’s talk about the color and pattern: The ivory color fits right into my love of neutrals and the diamond pattern adds a chic graphic look to the room! Decor tip: repeating the colors in a room will give it a cohesive designer’ look and give it flow and [...]

How to (and How Not To) Arrange Your Furniture


The expression “rearranging the furniture” is often disparagingly used to indicate a difference that doesn’t make a difference; however, what if the arrangement of your furniture did make a difference? What if the arrangement of your furniture affected a change in the feel of a room, in your comfort and pleasure, in the way that [...]

A New Rug for the Family Room


    I am in LOVE with this rug and I am so excited to share my review with you today, sponsored by RugsUSA! Thank you all so much for your kind words about my Christmas home tour as part of Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk yesterday! Christmas and decorating are two of my favorite things [...]

Is Organizing Your Home on Your List of New Year’s Resolutions?


It’s no secret that life is chaotic; however, organization doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle defying the flow of unexpected happenings. Rather, an organized closet, car, purse, or room can help you be more fully present and confident in the face of the unknown. Organization can help conserve energy and time, freeing you up [...]

Best Bath Rugs for Guest Bathrooms

bath rug

Whether you are decorating your home for Christmas or Thanksgiving, the bathroom is a place that can easily be overlooked. For the holiday season, you are probably going to have more guests over than usual, along with them staying at your home for longer than the norm. To make your guest bathroom feel more inviting [...]

Best Carpet for the Home Office


Due to today’s modern technology, home offices are becoming more and more common than ever before. Even for those who may not or don’t always, work from home, it has still become popular to have an area in the home that is dedicated to a computer and separate workspace, free from distractions. Aside from the [...]

Choose the Best Hearth Fireplace Rug for Your Home

hearth rug

With the cold weather season quickly approaching, it is time to gather up some more firewood (and possibly marshmallows) to keep nearby. Rugs not only keep your feet warm on those cold winter nights but they also help to prevent you from slipping on tiles when you’re walking around in those new fuzzy socks. Rugs [...]

From the Runway to Your Home: Décor Inspired by Fall Fashion


The lines have always been blurred when it comes to fashion and home décor, it seems. It can be considered the same concept as the “chicken or the egg” when it comes to wondering which came first: fashion or décor? With the Fall Fashion Week ideas in mind, here is how to correlate your home [...]

How to Confidently Mix Patterns


There are many more options for decorating a room than just using solid colors, or limiting yourself to a single pattern. When decorating an entire room from scratch, you can be more adventurous by mixing and matching your patterns to achieve any look from antique to funky. Find Your Inspiration Start with one pattern and [...]