From the Runway to Your Home: Décor Inspired by Fall Fashion


The lines have always been blurred when it comes to fashion and home décor, it seems. It can be considered the same concept as the “chicken or the egg” when it comes to wondering which came first: fashion or décor? With the Fall Fashion Week ideas in mind, here is how to correlate your home [...]

Fashion and Function: How To Make a Statement with Your Area Rug


Purchasing a new rug may seem like only a small part of decorating a room, but its impact is extremely strong. There are many factors to consider when looking for just the right rug to make a statement, including pattern, color, material, size and shape. When looking for the perfect combination of fashion and durability, [...]

Area Rugs: The Next Big Thing In Art And High Fashion

Rug Fashion

It’s not like we really think that a bunch of international fashion superstars were reading the Rugs USA blog the other day and decided to take our advice… …but they totally did!!! We were just joking (well, mostly) when we suggested that Vera Wang drape her runway with our area rugs, since her recent styles [...]

Hippie Couture Makes a Comeback in 2014

Hippie Couture

OK, we admit it. We may not have been in on the hippie revolution the first time around, but we’re making up for lost time now. There’s just something about those long, flowing dresses and earthy, hand-made crafts that we love. The hippie look is so romantic, so laid-back, so…groovy. And it looks like we’re [...]

Urban Elegance: Tap Into Vera Wang’s Style With New Velu Rugs

Velu Rug

If you’re a fashion fanatic, like all of us here at Rugs USA are, then you’re probably already aware of Vera Wang’s latest ready-to-wear collection. Her Pre-Fall 2014 show was a tribute to all things dark and urban, while at the same time retaining that signature Vera Wang elegance and femininity. Imagine our excitement when [...]