Transition Your Home To Summertime Without Breaking the Bank


The warm, cozy feel of earthen colors can be a great way to keep your house feeling homey during the winter months, but with the ever-rising temperatures that accompany the changing of the seasons, brown walls and dark shag rugs may seem less inviting. Changing your home décor to fit the season doesn’t require a [...]

Brighten Your Backyard for Summer With An Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rug

You know how a house just doesn’t feel like a home until it’s got the curtains hung and the rugs set out? There’s just something about adding the colors, patterns, and textures of different fabrics and materials to a room that completes its look, and makes it feel comfortable. Well, the same goes for your [...]

How To Care For Your Leather Rug

Leather Shag Rug

There’s nothing quite like leather to add a touch of luxury and style to a room’s décor. And when that leather comes in the form of an area rug, you get that lush, luxurious feel, in addition to the unique flair that an unusual piece like a leather rug adds. To make sure that your [...]

How To Care For Your Cork Chairmat

Cork Mat

Yep, that’s right. The same stuff that keeps your wine contained – and the same stuff used in bulletin boards – is also used to make floor mats. Actually, cork has many different uses, from wall and ceiling coverings that dampen sound, to incredible arts and crafts. And believe it or not, cork is one [...]

How To Choose the Right Size Area Rug For Your Space

Rug Size

So, you’ve chosen the perfect area rug for your space! The colors match your décor, you’re in love with the design, and you just can’t wait to walk on it in your bare feet. Now the only question is, what size should you choose? Choosing the right rug size to fit your space can be [...]

Decoding the Hidden Meaning in Your Oriental Rug

Oriental Rug

You may think that gorgeous Oriental rug on your living room floor is just a beautiful piece of home décor – but you’d be wrong.  For centuries, Persian and Oriental rugs have been made with not only artistry and luxury in mind, but also specific messages. But only the people who know the code can [...]

The Great Couch Debate: On or Off the Rug?

On or Off?

It’s one of the great questions that philosophers have posed throughout the ages. One of the great mysteries of life. You’ve probably pondered it yourself a few times over the years. Should a couch be placed on an area rug, or off? Alright, so maybe it isn’t quite that big of a question. But it’s [...]

Got Allergies? Rugs Are Nothing To Sneeze At


Ah, what more wonderful season is there than springtime? The air is warm, the grass is green, the birds are chirping – and the allergens are flying. Because of how harsh this past winter was, weather forecasters are predicting higher-than-normal levels of pollen in the air this spring. If you or someone in your family [...]

Real Rugs for Real Families


You know, we spend a lot of time on this blog talking about rug designs and decorating tips. And that’s definitely an important part of choosing a new area rug for your home. But there’s another consideration to keep in mind when searching for the right area rug, too – how well that area rug [...]

Frugal Home Fashion

Frugal Fashion

There’s just something extra satisfying about decorating your home on a budget, isn’t there? When you get a great deal on a gorgeous new piece of furniture or find the perfect curtains on sale, it’s a thrill, plain and simple. We love frugal shopping tips as much as anyone, so we just adore Miss Frugal [...]