Got Allergies? Rugs Are Nothing To Sneeze At


Ah, what more wonderful season is there than springtime? The air is warm, the grass is green, the birds are chirping – and the allergens are flying. Because of how harsh this past winter was, weather forecasters are predicting higher-than-normal levels of pollen in the air this spring. If you or someone in your family [...]

How To Layer Area Rugs For a Trendy Look

Layered Rugs

Going on the hunt for the perfect area rug to fit your space is exciting – but it can also present you with a decorator’s dilemma. What if you fall in love with more than one rug? Maybe you’re infatuated with the look of natural fibers, but would also love the style that a cowhide [...]

A Guide To Natural Fibers: Sisal vs. Jute

jute rug

Looking to add that relaxing, outdoorsy touch to your home décor with an area rug made of natural fibers?  The number of choices available can be overwhelming. And if you don’t know what jute is, or even how to pronounce the word sisal (it’s SIGH-suhl, by the way), it can be enough to make you [...]