How To Care For Your Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rug

There’s just nothing quite like the look and feel of a cowhide rug. And with the unique and varied selection of cowhide rugs available today, they can provide the perfect touch whether you’re going for a traditional, rustic look, a modern, sleek style, or something in between. Fans of that rugged, country look can incorporate [...]

Hooked on Hand-Hooked Rugs? Here’s How To Keep Them Gorgeous

Snow on Rug

People talk a lot about spring cleaning – and it’s true, there’s nothing nicer than opening your windows on a luxuriously warm spring day and letting the breeze waft through your house, carrying all remaining traces of winter away with it, as you deep clean, organize, and redecorate to greet the new season in style. [...]

A Guide To Natural Fibers, Part 3: Bamboo and Hemp

Bamboo Feet

If you’re a big fan of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly products, then today’s installment of our guide to natural fiber rugs will be right up your alley! In our previous posts, we discussed the differences between sisal and jute rugs, and the unique characteristics of seagrass and coir rugs. Today we’ll be taking a [...]

A Guide to Natural Fibers, Part 2: Seagrass and Coir

Seagrass Mat

Welcome to the second installment in our handy little guide to choosing an area rug made from natural fibers! In part one, we discussed the differences between sisal and jute. Today, we’ll be taking a look at two more fascinating fibers: seagrass and coir. Seagrass OK, everybody – you get three guesses. Where do you [...]

A Guide To Natural Fibers: Sisal vs. Jute

jute rug

Looking to add that relaxing, outdoorsy touch to your home décor with an area rug made of natural fibers?  The number of choices available can be overwhelming. And if you don’t know what jute is, or even how to pronounce the word sisal (it’s SIGH-suhl, by the way), it can be enough to make you [...]

Flokati Rugs: From the Mountains of Greece to Your Home

Flokati Rug

Dowries aren’t much in fashion anymore these days – probably because, you know, paying someone to marry your daughter is not really conducive to a happy union. But throughout pretty much all of history, up until just the last century or so, women had to bring something of substantial value with them into a marriage, [...]

How To Spot-Clean Holiday Spills On Your Area Rug

Wine Spill

Ah, the holidays. The time for good will and joy, for shopping and gift-giving, for family gatherings and parties galore – and for spilling festive food and drinks on your rugs! With all the extra traffic your house sees during the holiday season, your area rugs are bound to take some abuse. And while some [...]