How to Get Mold Out Of a Rug

Get mold out of a rug

Rug stains and mold are some of the more common problems that rug owners face. A wet rug can easily become a breeding ground for mold. No one likes the smell of mold; the moist, stagnant smell provides mold spores with an environment that is perfectly fit for germination. Also, if you have organic rug [...]

Décor from fall to winter

warm cup of tea

Although the winter weather can feel dreary and bleak, it does not mean that inside your home has to feel the same way. Making the transition from the fall to winter, in terms of decorating, can seem daunting and tricky. However, it can actually be pretty simple and relatively stress free with these tips in [...]

How To Keep the Room Warm with a Rug

Keep the room warm with a rug

With the fall season upon us and winter quickly approaching, it is time to pull out the blankets, get the firewood ready and find those missing pairs of socks. Although saving energy is important, more often than not, it comes down to just wanting to keep your toes warm and toasty. A good area rug [...]

5 Tips For The Best Nursery

Newborn nursery

When expecting a newborn, there a lot of things you need to buy. A crib, a changing station, a chair for the inevitable middle of the night feedings, and the list goes on. However, one of the things you may overlook in your planning is buying a rug for the nursery. A rug can enhance [...]

Six Sisters’ Stuff Living Room Makeover


We are so excited to show you the progress we have made on our living room! When we moved into our house, the living room needed a lot of updating… I was a little hesitant to not have carpet in our living room, but because our living room, dining room and kitchen are all connected [...]

Sarah Throws a Pool Party

Summer Entertaining

Emma’s editor-in-chief throws a pool party complete with everything from watermelons to wine. She shows us that effortless entertaining is where it’s at. And  with a few simple tips you can throw your own stress-free summer soirée. Decor: A large outdoor rug like this one from Rugs USA brings in color while creating a living [...]

Kenzie’s Room Makeover

rugsusa cream shag rug

  Since we have wood and natural stone tiles throughout the house, it is essential to have a good rug, not only for decor, but to keep little feet happy. I’ve wanted a shag rug after seeing one in my mother’s living room. Rugs USA offers the  Standard Shag Greek Flokati Rug which is truly [...]

Layered Living Room Rugs


Disclosure: Rugs USA provided me with a rug of my choice, but I was not compensated in any other way. All ideas and opinions are my own. We updated the rugs in our living room over the weekend! k scale. It definitely has a blue tint, but I ended up being extremely pleased with it [...]

Living Room Updates

Living Room Updates

The living room is coming along a lot quicker than we anticipated. The major new things we’ve added are our new sofa, drapes, and rug, and those three things have made a huge difference. To back-track a bit, we had our walls painted before we moved in. I wanted to do them ourselves, but the room [...]

Rugs USA Giveaway


I’ve been on this constant mission to make everything in my apartment bright and airy. When Adam moved in six years ago, we mixed his love of dark woods and brown with the vintage, mish-mash style that I loved then. Similar to when my clients are mixing their tastes for their wedding decor, our apartment [...]