A Whole New World: Rugs USA Now Ships Internationally

International Shipping

OK, people, we need a show of hands here. How many of you have seen Disney’s Aladdin? Good. Now, how many of you were actually obsessed with Aladdin  when you were younger? As in, so obsessed that you can still, to this day, recite all the lines in the entire movie with the exact same [...]

Urban Elegance: Tap Into Vera Wang’s Style With New Velu Rugs

Velu Rug

If you’re a fashion fanatic, like all of us here at Rugs USA are, then you’re probably already aware of Vera Wang’s latest ready-to-wear collection. Her Pre-Fall 2014 show was a tribute to all things dark and urban, while at the same time retaining that signature Vera Wang elegance and femininity. Imagine our excitement when [...]