That Vintage Look


Who doesn’t love the look of antiques? That vintage style gives pieces a feel of history, of solidity, of character. But sometimes what you want is a piece with the look of an antique, without all the hassle that goes along with the upkeep of such a delicate, timeworn item.

Enter faux-antique pieces. Not only are faux antiques much more affordable than the real thing, they give you all the character and style of a vintage piece without having to worry about any of the problems associated with real antiques. They’re made with new materials, so cleaning is a snap, and since they’re much more durable, you don’t have to worry about pets or children or life in general doing them irreparable damage.

Our antique-reproduction Persian rugs are a good example of gorgeous yet easy-to-maintain faux antiques:

Vintage RugThese rugs, like our Safavieh Vintage Soft Anthracite Rug, above, are made of 100% super soft viscose, and powerloomed to be as durable as they are beautiful.

And our faux vintage rugs have found quite a fan club among do-it-yourself home decorating bloggers.

Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride had the following to say about our antique reproduction rugs: “I really loved the traditional look of these faux-antiqued Persians. They have such a timeless appeal and I think they have the ability to blend well with most any decor. I was heavy into European antiques when we lived in Germany but our current loft has made me tilt back to mid-century modern aesthetics – I think these rugs would be a great balance. The photos of the rug (…) made me swoon like crazy and I couldn’t stop picturing it under our antique French dining table. Doesn’t it look so soft and sumptuous?”

Vintage RugJenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook also fell in love with our faux antique Persian rugs as an alternative to the real thing: “In apartments especially, where 90% of the action happens in the one living room, it’s pretty inevitable that spills and stains are going to happen with kids and pets in the house. During my search I actually found a completely gorgeous antique silk Oushak in beautiful light colors from one of my dealers for about $3500. Pricey, but it was seriously worth every penny. I thought long and hard about investing in that rug. It was stunning, but what happens when someone sneaks juice over into the living room? It would be hard to not freak out, and that’s just not how I want to feel about the stuff in my house. So I passed on the Oushak and I kept looking.”

“I had my eye on this rug called the Beaumont Adileh in Natural from Rugs USA for a couple weeks. I love it. I love the range of colors in the rug: cream, gray, taupe, black, brown, even a hint of apricot. It’s totally one of those rugs that changes colors in the light. And I think it actually looks kind of worn and old.”

Vintage Rug

“Man, I love the black in that border! The rug is 100% Viscose, which surprised me with its softness, even though the rug is pretty thin. And it’s hard to tell in the photos, but the viscose gives the rug a really silky look. It honestly looks so much like the sheen of the Oushak that I loved, I just couldn’t believe it when I rolled the rug out. And just like silk, it totally changes color when you rub your hand against the pile. I’m totally in love with the new rug. It is bright and airy and it cleans up like a dream. I’m a very happy customer.”

So take it from these satisfied decorating bloggers – our faux-vintage Persian rugs are the ideal alternative to expensive, delicate antiques, gorgeous and easy to care for – and the perfect fit for your space.