The Effects of Room Color On the Way You Feel: Secondary Colors

Secondary Colors

In our first blog post on room color and the effects it has on our emotions and behavior, we discussed how the primary colors—red, blue, and yellow—influence our mood. But those are not the only colors that have a strong effect on our psyches. Every color, and in fact, every different shade of each color, exercises its own unique influence on the way we feel.

Decorating a room around a certain color can be a beautiful way to tie all the pieces together into a whole. But before you choose a color, make sure you understand how that choice will influence what takes place in that room.

The secondary colors of orange, purple, and green make gorgeous choices for any home, and each one brings its own contribution to the atmosphere of a space.


Orange is a color that wakes up the senses—just think of orange juice in the morning, or the fresh smell of citrus cleaners. It creates a feel of energy and enthusiasm in a room, so bedrooms are probably not the best place for this hue. It’s best suited for exercise rooms or game rooms, or any space where an added boost of excitement would be welcome.

Our Rugs USA Radiante Trellis Deep Orange Rug would make the perfect complement to an orange-themed room:

Orange Rug


Why is it so relaxing to take a walk among the trees, or to lie down on a field of grass? It’s the color green. Not only does green make a space feel fresh and cool, but it is also the most restful color to the eyes. It is calming yet cheerful, comfortable yet refreshing. Green is one of those rare colors that is perfect for any room in the house—bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, playrooms, offices… The only hard decision is which shade to choose.

In a green room, a rug like our Rugs USA Monaco Horizon Sari Silk Green Rug would make the perfect finishing touch:

Green Rug


For centuries, the color purple has been associated with royalty, and even today, it still brings a feel of rich luxury to a room. Deeper shades of purple are especially dramatic, ideal for a statement-making living room or sophisticated dining room, while lighter shades produce an atmosphere of relaxing, welcoming warmth, perfect for bedrooms. Purple is also known to heighten creativity, so any rooms dedicated to hobbies or crafting can usefully incorporate purple into their color schemes, as well.

A purple rug like our St. Croix Trading Pelle Leather Shag Purple Rug would make a great floor covering in any purple-themed room:Purple Rug

Even though the effects of color on mood and behavior are at their most powerful when a room is decorated solely around one color, they can still work their magic via a few well-chosen accent pieces in a room, as well. If you’d like to add a touch of calm, or excitement, or drama to any space in your home, why not add an area rug in a strategically chosen color?