Transition Your Home To Summertime Without Breaking the Bank


The warm, cozy feel of earthen colors can be a great way to keep your house feeling homey during the winter months, but with the ever-rising temperatures that accompany the changing of the seasons, brown walls and dark shag rugs may seem less inviting. Changing your home décor to fit the season doesn’t require a huge budget and several weeks’ time, though. Here are some easy ways to take your living space from February to June.

Trade Out the Traditional Rugs

Rugs have traditionally been used to keep cold feet warm, but this need is less pertinent during warmer months. Roll up your darker colored Oriental rug and opt for a lighter material this summer. This way you’re still getting the burst of color and the comfort of carpet under your feet, but you’re changing up the colors and feel.

Some good summery rugs to try are:

  • Outdoor rugs
  • Braided rugs
  • Striped rugs
  • Country rugs
  • Floral rugs

When any of the above rugs are chosen in the right colors (think bright and sunny), it’s enough to update anyone’s living room without breaking the bank.

Invest in Shams

That means pillow shams, shams for your favorite lounging chair, or shams for anything that can be covered and currently possesses a print or a color that makes you think Canada instead of the Bahamas. Not only are you updating each piece of furniture for the new season, but the shams that you make or buy can also be reused year after year. It’s almost like buying two pieces of furniture for the price of one. This also means you don’t have to find a place to store your furniture during the off-season.

Decorate with Plants

Nothing says spring and summer like rebirth and new life. What better way to show off this new life than with a living plant? The bright colors of the plant will liven up a room almost as much as adding a different coat of paint. However, instead of having to deal with the hassle of painting, the plants serve as a centerpiece, and your wall colors, the accent that can be used year-round.

Think About Art

While a wintry view of a pine tree covered in snow might be appropriate for December, it doesn’t quite fit anymore in June. Find nautical-themed pictures or prints to frame and use them to replace the artwork that helped usher in the colder part of the year. Your whole room will begin to come together based on the accessories you’re changing, without making any changes to the “big ticket items.”

Remove Anything Too Wintery

Survey your new room. Is there a throw in a shade of forest green that you know is too heavy to use in the summer? Do you still have pillows out with snowflakes on them? Make sure to put all of these items away to be used again when transitioning away from summer next year. Don’t worry if it’s your favorite blanket. Summer only lasts so long and you’ll be reunited with it again soon.

By using these tips, you will be able to transform your home for each season without breaking the bank. Now that you’re feeling inspired, go make some changes, and then leave us a comment below telling us how your new room looks. Or even better – post a picture on our Facebook page!