Urban Elegance: Tap Into Vera Wang’s Style With New Velu Rugs

Vera Wang

(Image: Nata Sha/Shutterstock.com)

If you’re a fashion fanatic, like all of us here at Rugs USA are, then you’re probably already aware of Vera Wang’s latest ready-to-wear collection. Her Pre-Fall 2014 show was a tribute to all things dark and urban, while at the same time retaining that signature Vera Wang elegance and femininity.

Imagine our excitement when we held our newest line of contemporary rugs – our Velvet Trellis rug collection – up for comparison, and found that same focus on the dark urban palette of blacks and grays, flocked-velvet textural additions, and elegant silhouettes.

The Rugs USA design team must have been on the same wavelength as Vera Wang this season – or maybe it was simply that timeless New York style manifesting itself throughout the design world. In any case, any one of Vera’s models would have looked right at home lounging on an ottoman, framed by one of our new Trellis rugs.

Velu Rug


The shared color scheme highlights the similarities between the two collections. Vera’s designs never stray far from an elegant black, adding in varying shades of gray and, more sparingly, splashes of cream or other subdued colors. Our Velvet Trellis rugs feature those same classic hues, pairing gray or black with cream for a dramatic contrast.


Texture has always been a vital element in Vera Wang’s work, and this line is no exception, showcasing jacket after jacket with fur accents, as well as several outfits featuring flocked velvet, which gives them a touchable appeal. Our Trellis rugs create interest in much the same way, with textured, raised designs setting off the smooth viscose material, just begging to be walked on in bare feet.


As for chic silhouettes, both Vera and our own in-house design team favor geometric regularity – boxy jackets and tops, and pencil-thin, rectangular skirts and pants ruled the day on the runway, while our designs range from simple patterns of repeating diamonds, to arrangements reminiscent of jaipur delphine prints, to ornate architectural-looking motifs.

We wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that Vera Wang drape her next runway with our Trellis rugs, but with such obvious similarities between our sense of contemporary style and hers, it might not be a bad idea.

Our new Velvet Trellis Rug Collection positively drips modern elegance and style, combining as it does the bold and geometric with the subtle and subdued. Rugs from this collection would look just as much at home in a sleek, modern apartment as they would in a more traditionally decorated home. Just as with Vera Wang’s designs, there is a certain versatility that comes from attention to detail and flawless execution – a beautiful piece is a beautiful piece, no matter what its surroundings.

Thanks to Vera Wang’s latest fashion collection, when you purchase one of our new Velvet Trellis rugs, you’ll be taking a little of her style into your own home. And who’s to say it doesn’t work the other way around, as well – fashionistas wearing Vera Wang might just be channeling our Velvet Trellis look, too! Rugs on the red carpet? How appropriate.