We want to know….

We want to know….How would you describe your personal home decor style?  We think the way in which you style your home reflects greatly on what kind of person you are.  Often, your personal style out of the home translate to your home decor style in the home!  Do you love vintage one of a kind finds that gives your house a vintage cottage feel?  Do you like daring, chic modern designs and decor pieces?  Do you find your self more along the lines of a traditional and classic home decor enthusiast.  Or is it a combination of them all?! Come take our poll on our facebook page and share your style! http://www.facebook.com/rugsusa

**images:House Beautiful, www.designattractor.com

Vintage country cottage

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Home Dynamix Optimum 11012 Ivory Rug


Industrial/modern chic

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Rugs USA Natural Tricolor Cowhide Multi Rug



Traditional and Classic

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Radici Noble 1419 Black Rug