Some basic tips for those first few days:

Open your rug (and rug pad) as soon as possible.

Because each rug is securely rolled or even folded, it may not lie completely flat at first. Creases and bunching can be a pain when receiving a new area rug. These are normal and will flatten within 2 -3 weeks as you begin to use your new rug.

Don’t worry—Here are some tips to help your new rug relax.

Step 1.

Unfold or unroll the rug. Then reverse roll the rug and let it sit like this for 24 hours or until it flattens out.

Step 2.

As you unroll the rug onto the floor, work out any curled or folded edges by gently bending them in the opposite direction.

Step 3.

Place a stack of books, a pouf, or even a floor lamp with a weighted base on any spot that needs help laying flat. Iron on low setting (no steam) if needed.

Step 4.

Use rug grippers or anti-slip tape to gently adhere the rug to the floor.

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Any persistent creases should relax in about a week. After that, if any areas still need help flattening, repeat step 3 for a few days.

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