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Absolutely! Here are the top three reasons you should invest in a pad:

#1 Promotes longevity of your rug

Walking across your rug crushes the fibers. Without a pad, foot traffic will quickly diminish the ability of the fibers to spring back after being stepped on, leading to permanent flattening.

#2 Keeps your rug in place

Foot traffic causes friction, which wears out the bottom of the rug. If your rug does not have any furniture on it, it’s especially important to use a pad to prevent slip and trip hazards as well.

#3 Comfort

A pad under your rug adds extra plushness, especially to thinner rugs. They also promote an extra sense of peace and quiet by reducing the sound of your footfalls.

Things to consider when choosing your pad:

- Our pads can’t be used outdoors or on vinyl, heated, lacquered, acrylic, or unsealed surfaces.

- While our rug pads are safe for use on most other hard surfaces, double check with your floor manufacturer first. Padding can damage imcompatible flooring.

- Pads should be about 1" smaller on all sides than your rug. Our pads are already pre-cut for you! Just click the recommended size that appears after you choose a rug. Larger pads can easily be cut down.