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Cheap Area Rugs and Runners

Cheap & Affordable Rugs on Sale | Rugs USA

At Rugs USA, we work directly with the designers, artisans, and craftsmen who make our goods, cutting out the middleman and curating an extensive collection of well-made, inexpensive rugs especially for you. We have thousands of high-quality, beautiful, cheap area rugs that offer high style and quality craftsmanship at discount rug prices.

You don't have to take our word for it. With over eight million rugs sold and hundreds of thousands of reliable four- and five-star reviews from satisfied customers, you can shop with confidence. Need some help finding the right, affordable rug? "

Choosing the Right Size:

Confused about the right size of area rug for you? Read our guide to choosing the right rug size. Here's a quick summary!

  • 5x7 and 5x8 Cheap Rugs These work great in smaller living rooms, tying together a sofa and a coffee table. For dining rooms, consider this size if you have a cafe-style table for two. If you're thinking about your bedroom, this size fits well under a twin or full-sized bed with room to spare.
  • Cheap 8x10 Rugs Under $200 8x10 area rugs tie larger rooms together. Rest the front legs of your sofa and chairs on top of these rugs. This layout works especially well with furniture placed against a wall, since no one will be stepping behind the furniture. In dining rooms, they're the perfect choice for 4-6 seat tables, leaving enough room so that chairs remain fully on the rug, even when pushed back. Used as a bedroom rug, this size works perfectly slipped under a queen bed.
  • Cheap 9x12 Rugs These work well for defining seating areas within expansive living rooms. The rule of thumb is to size the rug so there is 24" of space beyond the furniture to allow room for walking. In a dining room, this size is perfect for 6-8 seat dining tables. For bedrooms, these will perfectly accommodate under a king-sized bed.
  • Inexpensive Runners Runner rugs, with their long and narrow profiles, are a natural fit for spaces that won't fit traditional rugs, like hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. They are typically 2’-3’ wide and come in a variety of lengths to fit any need, from 6’ for short hallways to 20’ for stairs. They also are fantastic for narrow bedrooms, where you can lay them on either side of your bed.
  • Inexpensive Round Rugs Round area rugs pair naturally with round dining tables. Look for round area rugs that are 8’ or larger in diameter to accomodate 4-6 seat dining tables. If your living room or dining room needs something extra, use a round rug to create a cozy reading nook or dedicated space for conversation. And don't forget entryways—a round rug's curvy shape fills this important space that all too often becomes an afterthought.

Cheap & Affordable Rugs on Sale

  • Affordable Jute & Sisal Rugs are a great choice for adding a touch of texture to your room, handwoven from sustainable, eco-friendly materials.
  • Affordable Moroccan Rugs add a global flair to your home with patterns inspired by the souks of Marrakech and the tribes of the Atlas Mountains.
  • Affordable Vintage Rugs not only come with a shabby chic vibe, but are also imbued with the history and timeworn feel of a timeless design piece.