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Oriental and Persian Area Rugs & Runners

Vibrant or faded, sophisticated or boho, sharp or distressed, our Oriental and Persian area rugs bring time-inspired designs from a centuries-old craft into your home. These high-quality, affordable rugs will tie your living room together, provide warmth to your bedroom décor, or frame your dining room perfectly. Not just a pretty face, our Persian and Oriental rugs are made from materials that are as durable as they are beautiful—high-performance fibers that will stand up to wear and provide natural stain resistance.

Where to Place Oriental & Persian Rugs

  • 4x6 Oriental & Persian Rugs help define smaller living room seating areas. Place them in between a few chairs to make a cozy nook, or under the coffee table to make a punchy yet classic focal point for an apartment.
  • 8x10 Oriental & Persian Rugs make a grand statement as the anchor for a stately living room, or a key component of a sizable dining area. They can also lend a sophisticated touch as bedroom rugs, while creating a soft place for your feet to land every morning.
  • 2x10 Oriental & Persian Rug runners are the ultimate choice for a well-dressed hallway or entryway; and don’t discount kitchen rugs or bathroom rugs, either! A Persian runner is a great way to jazz up even the narrowest areas of your home.

Oriental & Persian Rugs We Love

  • Oriental & Persian Jute Rugs are the best of both worlds: they add a touch of texture to your room, handwoven in unique patterns from sustainable, eco-friendly materials.
  • Oriental & Persian Wool Rugs offer patterns and motifs inspired by the centuries-old rug-making tradition, plus the softness and uniqueness of natural materials.
  • Oriental & Persian Cotton Rugs provide global-inspired flair in natural fibers that are breathable and comfortable.