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If you are thinking about putting your rug in storage, it is important that you take the proper storage location into consideration. While the basement or attic may seem like a great space for your general storage needs, you should never place a rug in either location. These rooms are prone to attracting higher levels of humidity than the rest of the home.

  • - Clean your rug. Taking the rug to a professional cleaner before storage will ensure the maximum amount of dirt and other contaminates are removed.
  • - Thoroughly clean the area you plan to place your rug in. After the initial clean, you should periodically dust the area. Tightly roll the rug, pile inward.
  • - Wrap your rug in paper, and store on a shelf or other surface that is not in direct contact with the floor.
  • - Do not place any heavy objects on top of the rug. This can cause permanent creasing and other irreversible damage to your rug.