About Rug Pads
Green Label+
Made in USA
Will a Rug Pad Provide Extra Grip?
Yes. Foot traffic causes friction, which wears out the bottom of the rug. If your rug does not have any furniture on it, it's especially important to use a pad to prevent slip and trip hazards as well.
Will a Rug Pad Provide Extra Cushion?
Yes. A pad under your rug adds extra plushness, especially to thinner rugs. They also promote an extra sense of peace and quiet by reducing the sound of your footsteps.
Will a Rug Pad Protect Against Damage?
Yes. Walking across your rug crushes the fibers. Without a pad, foot traffic will quickly diminish the ability of the fibers to spring back after being stepped on, leading to permanent flattening.
What is the Green Label Plus™ Certification?
The Green Label Plus™ Certification is awarded to rugs that are eco-friendly and have low chemical emissions.
Can I Use a Rug Pad Outdoors?
We do not recommend rug pads for outdoor use.
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Black Prism Area Rug

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Product Overview

Woven surface with Cling Effect™ knit backing and Eco-Friendly Rug Pad, made of 100% polyester surface (from recycled plastic bottles) with TPR (thermoplastic resin) nonslip backing. Safe for hardwood floors. The top section of the rug containing the pile can be removed from the pad section underneath. The top section is machine washable for ease of cleaning and easily reattaches to the pad, even after multiple washes. The pad is made of polyester with a nonslip backing of thermoplastic resin. This rug comes with a detachable backing. No separate purchases are necessary. The “PAD” option beneath the rug sizes is a different rug pad available for purchase. The latter can be ordered and placed under any rug sold at Rugs USA.


  • Product ID: 402PRBLK
  • Brand: RUGGABLE
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Weave: Flatweave
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness (Pile Height): UNKNOWN
  • Dimensions: UNKNOWN
  • Shape: UNKNOWN
  • Style: UNKNOWN
  • Collection: 2-pc Washable
  • Pattern: UNKNOWN
  • Highlights: UNKNOWN
  • Allergy Info: UNKNOWN
  • Intended Use: UNKNOWN
  • Location: UNKNOWN
  • Fringe/Tassle: UNKNOWN
  • Rug Pad Suggested: UNKNOWN
  • Floor Heating Safe: UNKNOWN
  • Construction: Flatweave
  • Weight: UNKNOWN lbs
  • Shipping Size: UNKNOWN
  • Origin: China
  • Product Care: UNKNOWN

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