In his exclusive collection with Rugs USA, award-winning fashion designer Prabal Gurung brings the rich artistry seen in his work on the runway right to your very own home - with these area rugs. With the same brilliant colors, breathtaking motifs, and exquisite details featured in his ready-to-wear collections, his foray into home decor will set your space apart.

Meet the Designer: Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung is a celebrity-favorite fashion designer celebrated for his distinct use of color and dedication to quality. An expert in modern luxury and exceptional style, he creates stunningly beautiful wearable works of art. His designs are heavily influenced by his greatest inspirations: Nepal, New York City, and you.

"I wanted to create this story of 'West Meets East.' I wanted to play with these two ideas: my homeland, Nepal, and my home where I found myself, New York, and bring those two together."

Distinctive Design

Rich in colors, patterns, and textures, the rugs in this collection invite modernity to mingle with historic motifs. Vibrant hues and thoughtful artistry balance classic and contemporary in a way that's distinctly reminiscent of his runway designs and, simultaneously, perfect for the home.

In Prabal's collection, splashes of color and bold designs are tempered by chic neutrals and crisp lines to ensure there's an equally stunning style for every type of space.

Transcendent Quality

Whether it's the clothes we wear or the decor in our homes, Prabal believes that the art with which we adorn our lives should be high-quality, and his rug collection is no exception. From luxe textiles like wool and washable materials to durable, expertly crafted constructions, these pieces are steeped in tradition and crafted to the highest standard.

Behind the Rug Collection

Hear from Prabal on his inspiration for the collection, the standout design elements, and how these pieces are designed to tell a story in your space.