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Outdoor Rugs Transform Your Patio, Deck, & Other Outside Spaces

When you want to add unparalleled beauty and charm to your deck, porch, or patio, look no further than our outstanding, versatile collection of Outdoor rugs. They create the perfect spot for entertaining by the pool, sharing an outside meal with friends, or sipping a cocktail at dusk, all the while protecting your feet from the heat of the patio underfoot. Made from hard-wearing synthetic materials, these affordable rugs resist moisture and mildew and bring beauty to your outdoor hearth while staying strong against the elements.

Where to Place Outdoor Rugs:

  • Outdoor Runner Rugs are a great choice for long patios or walkways. We have short Outdoor runners (6') up to extra-long runners (18')!
  • 2x3 Outdoor Rugs are a terrific choice when placed right as you enter the patio. Step into style!
  • 4x6 Outdoor Rugs and 5x8 Outdoor Rugs are excellent rugs to create a sweet focal point for smaller sets of patio furniture. Consider one of our many styles of round rugs, too!
  • Go big with one of our 8x10 Outdoor Rugs! They’re a perfect base for outdoor dining tables, and also are large enough for the first legs of patio furniture to sit on.
  • 9x12 and Oversize Outdoor Rugs are an excellent base for your entire space. Place all four feet of your patio furniture on the rug for a luxurious feel, and your family and guests will enjoy a comfortably spacious area for conversation.

Outdoor Rugs We Love