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Bedroom Area Rugs & Runners

It’s said that human beings spend one-third of their lives sleeping; knowing this, we feel it’s our duty to make sure that your bedroom is outfitted in the loveliest, most perfect bedroom rugs so that every second of slumber is as comforting as it is delightful. Choose from among our thousands of popular and highly-rated affordable rugs online to find the perfect floor covering to transform your sanctuary into your favorite restful space.

Choosing the Right Size

  • 8x10 Bedroom Rugs are perfectly placed at the foot of a full- or queen-size bed to make your room feel calm and inviting. They are a great choice to absorb sound and give the whole room a luxe feel.
  • Bedroom Runner rugs are a fantastic choice when placed on either side of the bed. Bedroom runners make your first steps of the day warm and fuzzy, even on Mondays!
  • 4x6 Bedroom Rugs are great when you’re creating a seating area or nook in your large bedroom. Delineate the space by accenting with a chaise lounge and pouf.

Bedroom Rugs We Love

  • Oriental Bedroom Rugs bring time-inspired designs from a centuries-old craft into your home, yet they are heard-wearing and rendered from modern materials.
  • Shag Bedroom Rugs are so soft underfoot, they create instant serenity in every room.The ultimate in family-friendly rugs, shags also work beautifully when layered over larger rugs.
  • Braided Bedroom Rugs have a classic, homespun feel that has been cherished by design aficionados, and are always in style.