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Kids Room Area Rugs & Runners

Whimsical and colorful kids area rugs and playroom rugs will let your child’s imagination run wild. Courageous lions, shining stars, and dazzling shapes come together to create a plush environment for joyful play. Choose from among our thousands of popular and top-rated affordable kids rugs online to find the perfect floor covering for your child’s most lived-in space.

Choosing the Right Size

When choosing a rug, you’ll generally want to size it either small enough to float independent of the furniture, or large enough to accommodate toys, books, puzzles, and more. Large rugs cover more floor area, anchoring the look of the room but also providing a soft cushion as your child plays.

  • 5x7 and 5x8 Rugs: These rugs work great for smaller kids rooms or for defining space for siblings who share a room. They’re small enough to exist without boundaries of furniture so your child can have a dedicated space to play.
  • 8x10 Rugs: This size is the perfect choice for older children who have a twin or full-size bed; 8x10s are big enough to anchor the bed and cover the majority of a child’s room.
  • 9x10 Rugs and Oversize Rugs: Is your child lucky to have lots of floorspace on which to roam? We’ve got you covered with our 9x12 and oversize rugs.
  • after the size, don’t forget Rug Pads which add cushion for your little ones and prevent the rug from slipping!

Playroom Area Rugs We Love

  • Our Cradle Rugs Collection offers a variety of fun prints and patterns in muted pastel tones, a great complement to rooms with bold geometric or animal accents.
  • The Playroom Rugs Collection is a wonderful choice for parents looking for fun prints upon which your child can not only play, but learn; identify colors, point out shapes or learn ABCs all atop this fun rug.
  • Our Hand-tufted Cotton Rugs are light and airy, adding design without the bulk. The tufting process ensures that the rug maintains its cushy, soft feel.