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Jute & Sisal Area Rugs & Runners

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, neutral-colored floor covering that adds organic charm to your home while being oh-so-comfortable underfoot, look no further than our jute rugs and sisal rugs. Made from dried plant fibers, jutes and sisals are naturally exquisitely textured, with subtle variations in warm colors that pair well with any style of décor—and are a sustainable, eco-friendly choice. The fact that our jutes and sisals are truly as affordable as they are beautiful? That’s our little secret!

Where to Place a Jute or Sisal Rug

  • 5x8 Jute & Sisal Rugs can serve as a great solution for any room in your home. Place them in an entryway to greet guests; their robust texture will hold up to foot traffic. Or, use them as a sweet focal point as a smaller-sized living room rug. And don’t discount round rugs—this shape is a fantastic option for kitchen nooks, and could even serve as a bathroom rug in a powder room that needs a touch of flair.
  • 9x12 Jute & Sisal Rugs are the heroes of neutral statement-making. Many of our jutes feature gorgeous and playful details: chunky loops, waves, and stripes; mesmerizing circles; diamonds; basketweave patterns; and much more. Use as a dining room rug to up the design ante in a subtle way without taking away from the main event: the food!
  • 10x14 Jute & Sisal Rugs come in handy when you have a large space that needs a lot of character. Use either one as a living room rug or bedroom rug as a blank canvas for layering. In the living room, why not accent with a vibrant Persian? In the bedroom, use sheepskin rugs on either side of the bed for a contrasting plush look.
  • Jute & Sisal Runners make covering these afterthought spaces super easy! Concerned about picking a runner that will complement your kitchen rug and your living room rug? Pick a jute runner—they go with everything!

Jute & Sisal Rugs We Love