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Shag Area Rugs & Runners

Shag rugs, the “unofficial ambassadors of softness,” bring immediate warmth to any room. The ultimate in family-friendly rugs, shags are always a favorite choice, especially as kids rugs! These typically high-pile rugs are a major hit as living room rugs, bedroom rugs, and even bathroom rugs. At Rugs USA, you will not be limited by size, pattern, or color options as you search for your perfect Shag rug.

Runners are typically 2'–3' wide. We carry multiple lengths depending on your needs, whether it’s a 6-foot runner for your bedside, a 12' runner for your hallway, or even a 20' runner for the stairs.

Where to Place Shag Rugs

  • 3x5 Shag Rugs are the perfect accent to make a space more comfortable. Use it as a bedroom rug in a seating nook that’s separated by a chaise or armchair to create a cuddly corner for reading or relaxing.
  • 5x8 Shag Rugs can be used in kids rooms and nurseries, as they provide a plush surface for play and first steps. For a nursery rug, choose a Shag in a muted color to create a serene atmosphere.
  • 8x10 Shag Rugs are great for making a full-room statement. Use them as living room rugs to make the floor as inviting as your furniture—and choose from different pile heights to get the perfect amount of softness!
  • Shag Runners will give any expanse of hallway a flourish of texture. Or, use them as bathroom rugs as a relief from stepping on cold tile. Be sure to layer with a rug pad for extra grip!

Shag Rugs We Love

  • Boho Shag Rugs make the ultimate design statement: fuzzy texture and vibrant patterns. If you’re going for a bold look, this is a foolproof design choice.
  • Contemporary Shag Rugs are a great way to achieve a sleek, minimalist look without sacrificing warmth. Place a white shag in a cool room with layered greys and creams for a luxe monochromatic feel.
  • Geometric Shag Rugs create a great mix of texture and pattern. Elegant shapes combined with the plush, shaggy texture lend a lively yet restrained vibe to any room.